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College Decision Day

Fort Worth, Texas – From the end of April through the month of May, many Fort Worth ISD high schools will observe College Decision Day.

During College Decision Day, all students are recognized for their postsecondary plans in front of the entire study body. This is a school spirit day, during which participants work together to build excitement and awareness surrounding the college selection and enrollment process.

All high school students, faculty, staff, and community members are encouraged to wear college apparel, decorate doors and classrooms in college themes.

Below are dates for the currently scheduled College Decision Day events:


Arlington Heights HS                 5/10/17                             8:30am-3:55pm                Old gym

Carter-Riverside HS                   4/28/17                             12pm-1pm                        Library

Diamond Hill HS                        5/16/17                             11:47am-1:12pm              Cafeteria

Dunbar HS                                5/15/17                             2:50pm-3:35pm                Auditorium & Library

Eastern Hills HS                         5/19/17                             10am-12pm                      Lower gym

North Side HS                            5/17/17                             11:40am-1:05pm              Library

O.D. Wyatt HS                           5/5/17                             10am                                Cafeteria

Paschal HS                                4/28/17                              8am                                 Foyer

Polytechnic HS                           4/28/17                             1pm-3:35pm                     Outside gym

South Hills HS                            5/8/17                               TBD                                  TBD

Southwest HS                            5/17/17                              2pm                                 Auditorium & Library

Success HS                                5/19/17                              10am                               Library

TABS                                         5/12/17                              11:30am-12pm                 TBD

Trimble Tech HS                         5/26/17                              8am-10am                        TBD

Western Hills HS                         5/19/17                              10am-12pm                      Cafeteria

YWLA                                         5/15/17                              10am                               Worthington Hotel


For specific campus activities, please contact a school counselor or the Academic Advisement Department at 817-814-2575.