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Leaders Gather to Kick Off Literacy Partnership Coalition for Education

District’s 100X25FWTX Receives Community Support

It’s big. It’s ambitious. And it involves everyone. In a nutshell, 100X25FWTX is the District’s goal and on Monday, September 26, it received unprecedented support from the entire community to see that all children are reading to learn – not learning to read – by third grade.  

Using the slogan “Ready to Read, Ready to Lead -- Listos para leer, Listos para avanzar,” Superintendent Kent P. Scribner says third-grade literacy has become a top predictor of graduation rates.

“That is our goal,” according to Dr. Scribner. “And, now we are very excited to know the community, through the leadership of Mayor Betsy Price, BNSF Chairman Matt Rose, and others, have embraced this, as well.”

Dr. Scribner unveiled 100X25FWTX early this summer and talked to District teachers and other staff about it at Convocation in August.

Oakhurst Elementary School was the setting for the big reveal before an invited audience of 150 guests.

The 100X25FWTX goal – 100 percent of Fort Worth third-graders reading on grade level or above by 2025.

Why 100X25FWTX is crucial – Third-grade literacy can determine success in all subjects for years to come, including math and science. Until third grade, children are learning to read. After that, they are reading to learn. Studies show that 75 percent of children who struggle with reading in third grade never catch up.

How 100X25FWTX will put childhood literacy front and center – A coordinated cradle-to-career strategy will, for the first time, align the goals and the resources of Fort Worth ISD with all facets of the community and put resources where they are needed most. Partners with the District on this strategy include Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, BNSF Executive Chairman Matt Rose and other leaders and volunteers from the city’s business sector, higher education, non-profit organizations, and the faith based community.



Community Literacy Partnership Announced

Community Literacy Partnership Announced