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Why Choose FWISD?


Students can explore exceptional educational and career pathways at Fort Worth ISD.

The Choices program elevates student success and allows them to graduate with a high school diploma and associate degree — at no cost!



Pre-K children get to be with their friends all day in FWISD. The free, full-day pre-K program prepares students for success in kindergarten and beyond.



The alumni of Fort Worth ISD have built a legacy that reaches from the White House to the moon.

Building the best alumni starts in the classroom, which is why the district offers a competitive salary and top tier benefits to attract the best teachers in the city.


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    2024 Grad Profiles

Leo Yanez

R.L. Paschal Class of 2024

Leo's story is not just about academic success; it is also about balancing multiple roles and responsibilities. In addition to his studies, Leo works as a manager at a local McDonald's, showcasing his ability to juggle academic pursuits with real-world responsibilities. His dedication extends beyond the classroom and workplace, as he plays an integral role in supporting his family, who has endured several losses this year.

Mya Mendez

Western Hills Class of 2024

Mya Mendez is the Valedictorian of the Western Hills Class of 2024, a testament to her dedication and hard work. She has completed an Associates of Arts Degree with the highest honors, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. Mya's academic excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious 2024 Ann Brannon Award for Outstanding Achievement in English.

Areeg Al-Dayni

O.D. Wyatt Class of 2024

Valedictorian of O.D. Wyatt High School, Areeg earned an Associate of Arts degree from Tarrant County College in December 2023. Areeg is the recipient of a full four-year scholarship to the California Institute of Technology!

Makeio McKenzie

Eastern Hills Class of 2024

Makeio McKenzie is an exceptional scholar-athlete whose impressive accomplishments have set a high standard for his peers. As an All-District Football Player and Powerlifting State Qualifier, Makeio has demonstrated outstanding athletic prowess. His skills extend beyond the field and gym; he is also a State Qualifier in FBLA Computer Problem Solving, showcasing his diverse talents. He will be attending Texas Southern University on an academic scholarship.

Peggy Carr

Young Women's Leadership Academy Class of 2024

Class valedictorian, Peggy graduated with a 4.9 GPA. This fall, she will attend Princeton University to study electrical and computer engineering. Peggy aspires to earn a doctorate, address AI bias, and create STEM opportunities in underserved communities. As team captain of the YWLA track and field squad, Peggy made three appearances at the state finals and was named to the Academic All-State First Team for Track and Field.

Ethan Goellner

Benbrook MH Class of 2024

Ethan Goellner was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4, and his journey through education has been marked by determination and self-advocacy. This year, Ethan will graduate in the top 25% of the Class of 2024, a testament to his hard work and perseverance. His teachers commend him not only as a diligent student who consistently turns in assignments on time but also as a critical thinker with creative ideas.


More 1,600 FWISD students have graduated high school with an associate degree since 2017.

No. 1

Fort Worth ISD has the largest Junior Cadet Corps middle school program in Texas, graduating military-ready students every year. 

Top 10%

The music education program in FWISD is in the top 10% of the state for Communities for Music Education — and it has been for 11 years.


It costs nothing to access the world of opportunities Fort Worth ISD offers. From your front door to crossing the graduation stage, the district will ensure students are set up for success.


Fort Worth ISD serves a majority of Hispanic and Emergent Bilingual students. Through Dual Language programs, every student has the opportunity to become bilingual — which celebrates diversity and gives graduates another skill for the workforce!


If it takes a village to raise a child, then FWISD has the best one. With 13,000 volunteers logging over 42,000 hours of volunteer work, Fort Worth children are well cared for.

School starts Tuesday, August 13, 2024!

Pre-K is vitally important to a child’s development and school readiness. Your child will have early language, literacy, and math experiences to better prepare them for academic rigor in later grades. Attending Pre-K also helps young student to gain a sense of self, exploration, discovery, and confidence. Fort Worth ISD’s program offers a safe environment, high-quality integrated curriculum, highly qualified teachers, and ongoing assessments with progress monitoring.

For the 2024-25 school year, all FWISD Pre-K classes are full day from 7:50 AM until 3:20 PM