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Fall 2020 Bell Schedule

COVID-19 Vaccine by Intervention Services


    Tarrant County Public Health and our partners have been working tirelessly to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to those in Phase 1A and 1B, such as: doctors, nurses, first responders, long-term care facilities staff and residents, as well as individuals 65 and older and individuals 18 and older with an underlying medical condition.

    We are preparing to vaccinate everyone in the community and your help is needed to share information with your family, friends, and those you serve. Please take the time to read the Fact Sheets about the COVID-19 disease and vaccine provided in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. For additional information and languages, go to

    COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Quick Tips

    • Tarrant County Public Health is distributing the Moderna vaccine at this time, which is only available to individuals 18 and older.
    • Over 200,000 people have registered. Please be patient. You will be placed on the waiting list.
    • Each person must register separately even if you share the same email.
    • Do not show up at a vaccine location until you get an appointment.
    • Attend your scheduled appointment date, time, and location.
    • Keep your appointment on the designated day or you will have to re-register on the website again if you miss it.
    • Click HERE to register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

    SPECIAL NOTE: To receive your 2nd dose, no registration is required. You will receive a notification about your appointment date, time, and location.

    For information about COVID-19 testing, go to or call the Coronavirus Hotline 817-248-6299. Thank you for doing your part for our community’s health. Stay safe and wear a mask!



    Salud Pública del Condado de Tarrant y nuestros socios han estado trabajando incansablemente para
    distribuir la vacuna COVID-19 a aquellos en fase 1A y 1B, como: médicos, enfermeras, personal de primeros auxilios, personal de centros de atención a largo plazo y residentes, así como personas de 65 años o más y personas de 18 años o más con una condición médica subyacente.

    Nos estamos preparando para vacunar a todos los miembros de la comunidad y su ayuda es necesaria para compartir información con su familia, amigos y aquellos a quienes usted sirve. Por favor tómese el tiempo para leer las hojas informativas sobre la enfermedad de COVID-19 y la vacuna que se proporcionan en inglés, español y vietnamita. Para obtener más información e idiomas, visite

    COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Quick Tips

    *La Salud Pública del Condado de Tarrant está Está distribuyendo la vacuna moderna en este momento, que solo está disponible para personas mayores de 18 años.
    *Se han registrado más de 200,000 personas. Por favor, ten paciencia. Se le colocará en la lista de espera.
    *Cada persona debe registrarse por separado aunque comparta el mismo correo electrónico.
    *No se presente en una ubicación de vacuna hasta que reciba una cita.
    *Asista a la fecha, hora y ubicación de su cita programada.
    *Mantenga su cita el día designado o tendrá que volver a registrarse en el sitio web de nuevo si se lo pierde.
    *Haga clic aquí para inscribirse en la vacuna COVID-19

    NOTA ESPECIAL: Para recibir su 2a dosis, no se requiere registro. Recibirá una notificación sobre la fecha, hora y ubicación de su cita.

    Para obtener información sobre las pruebas COVID-19, visite o llame a la línea directa de Coronavirus al 817-248-6299. Gracias por hacer su parte por la salud de nuestra comunidad. ¡manténgase seguro y use una máscara!


    Tarrant County Public Health  

Fall Semester 2020-21

  •    january

  • Spring 2021 Cohort Calendar

    The FWISD approved school calendar is for a virtual, in-person and hybrid learning.  When that instructional model changes updates will be reflected on the calendar for students, parents and teachers.  

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  • SOAR Grading Calculator


    Students, please take a few moments to calculate what grades you will need in the current grading cycle and for the semester to reach the score that you desire for the semester. The spread sheet can help since we are factoring in a final exam/project as 1/7 of the semester score.
    It would be great to finish this as you move through each six weeks, so you are aware of what is needed for credit going forward.
    • Students download and open the file SOAR Grade Calculator--seen above.
    • Each student will enter his or her class schedule (in the class column) and the scores he/she made in the 1st and 2nd cycle of the semester in the next two columns.
    • Students will then enter the target grade they expect to earn for the cycle. The spreadsheet will then calculate how many points the student will need on the final exam/project in order to have the final semester score printed in blue. Ranges start on the left at 70 and end with 97 on the right. Any score over 100 points is generally not possible.
    • Students can adjust the score in the third column to see different scenarios or combinations of the third-cycle grade and final exam.
    This is also an excellent time for students to modify their goal grade.
    Students can save the file (or even e-mail it to yourself if you are interested) for later reference.
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