Welcome to the Purchasing Department


  • Jonathan Bey 
    Executive Director
    Phone: 817-814-2210  

    Stella Zavala
    Administrative Assistant to Executive Director
    Phone: 817-814-2205

    Nellie Lucano
    Purchasing Manager, District Cards, Bus Charters, Catering, Office Equip & Supplies, Rental/Lease Equipment/Facilities/other, Local Retail
    Phone: 817-814-2216

    Amy Townsend
    Travel/Purchase Card Administrator
    Phone: 817-814-2217

    Tina Harris
    Contracts Administrator/Senior Buyer, Consultants, Communication Services, Translators, Moving/Shredding/Temporary Personnel Servcies, Yearbooks & Diplomas
    Phone: 817-814-2215

    Travel/Purchase Card/Analyst, Scholarships, Tutions, Memberships/Fees/Registration, Field Trips and E-Procurement

    Phone:  817-814-2218                     

    Kaleisa Jackson
    Buyer, Transportation/Food Service, Awards & Promotional, Books & Reading Materials, Fundraising, Furniture, Library Supplies & Equipment, Printing/Reprograhics, Vehicle Rental
    Phone: 817-814-2212

    Eric McKibben
    Buyer, Athletics/P. E Supplies & Equipment, Audio Visual, CIP, CTE, Technology (Computer Hardware, Software, Accessories & Supplies), Calculators, Photograhics Equipment, Supplies & Services, Toner 
    Phone: 817-814-2213

    Michelle Rodriguez
    Buyer, Arts & Crafts, Teacher Instructional, Laundry Equipment & Supplies, Music/Band, Science/Security/Special Education Equipment & Supplies, Indoor/Outdoor Signs, Sole Source
    Phone: 817-814-2214

    Julisa Perez
    Sr. Clerk, Internal Finance
    Phone: 817-814-2219   

    Karla Walsh
    Sr. Lead Administrative Associate, Travel
    Phone: 817-814-2202

    Meshawndra Smith
    Administrative Associate, Travel
    Phone:  817-814-2203
    Kimberly Spock
    Administrative Associate, Travel
    Phone: 817-814-2201