Welcome to the Mathematics Department

  • Our Mission is to provide all learners with equitable, challenging opportunities for substantial academic growth through purposeful student-centered experiences with high expectations to create confident, competent life-long thinkers, communicators and self-directed learners.

    In a way that:

    • Students are always the focus;
    • Growth for ALL is promoted and valued through a positive culture;
    • Critical thinking, problem solving, and life-long learning is the norm; 
    • Collaborative teams and partnerships work together to support student achievement;
    • Communication encourages participation from all stakeholders, both internally and externally;
    • Unity of all stakeholders achieves consistency across the district; and
    • Teachers and students have equitable access to resources needed to increase achievement.

    So that:

    We can empower and inspire ALL to teach, learn, persevere and grow with relentless passion to develop productive, successful, continuous learners.

Math Open Doors

    Curriculum Innovation Lab