• In 1961, Western Hills Elementary opened in a portable building. The school building was completed in 1966, and opened by Mr. Everett Hackworth who was principal for 24 years. WHES split into two schools in 2000. Currently, we educate 2nd - 5th grade students and we have over 800 students on our campus.


    Western Hills Elementary School Vision


    Igniting In every Child A Passion for Learning!


    School Mission

    Statement of Philosophy

    We, the community of Western Hills Elementary,

    are dedicated to providing a positive and warm

    climate that is conducive to learning by

    incorporating strong teaching methodology and

    high expectations into all our students’




    School Motto

    I am Respectful,

    Responsible, Safe, And Prepared.

    Today I will do more than I have to do,

    I will treat others as I want to be treated,

    and I will try to become a better person.

    Excellence is the Only Option!