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    Over 2 decades ago, a group of volunteers led by Johnny Stotts from Union Pacific Railroad and Frost Bank began an annual tradition of caroling and escorting Santa to visit every classroom at Jo Kelly to drop off gifts for every child. This visit rapidly became an event everyone looked forward to as one of the most exciting of the season.

    The group started off as a small group of volunteers that grew every year. Volunteers began bringing their children to participate. This event is now a multi-generational event, with those early volunteers bringing their children and now bringing their grandchildren.


    Railroad Santas


     During their caroling, they visit all the classrooms. They sing songs and play musical instruments.

    They also provide the students with a small toy and fruit to help celebrate the holiday season. 

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    The Jo Kelly School staff and students Thank You All! 

    What a wonderful experience this is for us!


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    Union Pacific Railroad Web Site

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