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    The Jo Kelly School Day


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    walking the halls



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    waiting for bus

     PT ball


    Everyday 06

     oral motor  

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    The HOPSA-dress is designed to give wheelchair users the opportunity to move their legs, learning to bear their own weight, balance while standing, and achieve the ability to walk.



    Head up

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    rolling the halls


    student 23

    LightAide, a vibrant new teaching tool for people with low vision and cognitive disabilities, displays colorful, engaging LED light sequences. Its dynamic scope of fun activities range from turn-taking, color identification, and basic math to complex literacy practice, providing a bright, enriching experience for learners of all ages. http://www.lightaide.com/


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    Yellow bow


    Everyday 25



    Noisy Box (based on ideas of the Little Room by Lilli Nielsen's Active Learning)


    The Noisy Box (sensory stimulation room) is designed to assist the education professional in promoting fundamental skills such as the development of object permanence, spatial relations, cause and effect, and memory skills in children with visual and/or multiple impairments by encouraging object manipulation and independent play in a non-threatening environment. The Noisy Box provides a physical frame from which a variety of toys/objects can be suspended by elastic cords. http://www.specialed.com/sensorystimulation.html


    What is Active Learning? Active Learning is an approach based on the work of Dr. Lilli Nielsen. It is not just a piece of equipment, such as a "Little Room" or a HOPSA dress, but rather it refers to a total approach, for instructing individuals with severe multiple disabilities. http://activelearningspace.org/




    gross motor

     foot switch






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