DMS Families Love
  • Daggett Montessori School is so fortunate to have such an amazing and committed community of parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins and neighbors!  Our school is host to several clubs and causes that our students would not have access to without our families and their contributions.  We would like to say THANK YOU to our families and feature some of our incredible volunteers and how they give back to DMS!


  • Dragon Dads + Middle School Students = SUCCESS

    Our Inaugural DIY with Dads was a big hit!

    Last weekend our Dads and Middle School students came together for a long weekend on both Saturday & Sunday to build 12 picnic tables and 24 benches by hand for our Pavilion / Campus.  Ms. Zarate's Zero Period class came up with the idea many months ago and presented the idea to our PTA who gladly approved the funds to support their project.  The student's goal was to contribute something to our campus that will be with us long after they've gone onto high school, college and beyond while learning crucial skills and creating something as a team.  

    We'd like to extend a GIANT thank you to Ms. Lori Zarate for her role in guiding our students and coordinating with the Dads to make this project the huge success it was.  Regardless of the unseasonable cold spring weather, which didn't make for a very fun environment, it all came together in true Dragon fashion and was the very best experience it could be.   

    To our incredible team of students who deserve major praise and seriously rocked the power tools: 

    • Reaghan Robertson
    • Mitra Lindsay
    • Jaimielynn Cheak
    • Julia Jamnik
    • Taylor Kilgore
    • Charlotte Forney
    • Belinda Nava (Alumni)
    • Jackson Scheer
    • Chelsea Calderon
    • Francis Gulde
    • Reagan Forney
    • Arianna Elizondo
    • Grace Turner
    • Berlin Aguilar


    Big Dragon Dad Thanks to this crew: 

    • Brian Clinnin
    • Rich Johnston
    • Travis Baker
    • Alex Piper
    • Andrew Zachry
    • Patrick Wells
    • Nathan Spitzberg
    • John Forney
    • Matt Gulde