• Contreras History and Facts

    Built in 2000, Alice D. Contreras Elementary is located on Lubbock Avenue just off of Seminary Drive between Granbury Road and McCart Avenue. We are just a few blocks west of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Contreras Elementary was built to alleviate overcrowding at George Clarke Elementary and Westcliff Elementary. Alice D. Contreras Elementary was originally named Lubbock Avenue Elementary but was soon renamed to honor a former Fort Worth ISD teacher and administrator. Contreras Elementary is a regular program and dual language school that serves students from diverse backgrounds. Contreras Elementary also has a LINC program to serve students with special needs. 

    Alice D. Contreras worked in the Fort Worth Independent School District for several years. She was a teacher early in her career and later became the head of the Bilingual Education Department. Alice D. Contreras was one of the first women of hispanic decent to hold this position in the bilingual department.

    Martha Morolez DeAnda was the first principal in August 2000 when Alice D. Contreras Elementary opened. After DeAnda retired in May 2003 Yassmin C. Lee took her place as principal. In May 2006 Lee relocated to Rosemont Middle school and Diana Puente-Vargas was promoted from our assistant principal to our principal. Vargas is currently the principal at Alice D. Contreras Elementary.

    Teri Conley served as our first assistant principal for a year and a half. Aileen (Barakat) Martina followed Conley until May 2004 when she was promoted to principal at Seminary Hills Elementary. Diana Puente-Vargas served as our assistant principal until she was promoted to our principal in May 2006. By August 2006 our population had grown large enough to warrant two assistant principals. Stephanie Whitting and Joyce Cruz were chosen for our campus. May 2010 Stephanie Whitting decided to return to teaching in the classroom and was replaced by Pamela Carrick our former reading coach.

    Our school was reduced in enrollment by approximately onehundred thirty students,  eight teachers, one assistant principal, one counselor, and one Title one Teacher  in 2011-2013 with the addition of Rosement Elementary. National and state budget problems led to a drastic cut in school funding in 2010 which eventually created severe budget cuts across Fort Worth Independent School District for several years. As a result, Contreras lost its Reading Coach, Math Coach and Reading Interventionist staff for the 2012-2013 school year. Currently our principal is Diana Puente-Vargas and our assistant principal is Pamela Carrick.

    Contreras Elementary implemented Thinking Maps: A Language for Learning by David Hyerle Ed. D. and Chris Yeager, M. Ed. in August of 2012 to give teachers, students and parents a better way to think, learn, and communicate.


    Texas Education Agency Accountability Rating & Teachers of the Year!

    TBD 2013-2014 To Be Determined

    No Rating NEW Testing 2012-2013 Toni Tigrett, Then:  Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade Math;  Now:  Data Coach

    Recognized  2011-2012 Sharman Wallace, Then:  Fifth Grade Science;  Now:  Third & Fourth Grade Math & Science

    Recognized  2010-2011 Parker Lawrence, Then: Third Grade Teacher; Now: Campus Art Teacher

    Recognized  2009-1010 Barbara Gilbert, Then and Now: Physical Education Teacher

    Acceptable  2008-2009 Michael Bumpas, Then 5th Grade Teacher, Now: Teaching in a different district 

    Recognized  2007-2008 Pamela Smith, Then: 1st Grade Teacher Now: 3rd Grade Teacher

    Recognized  2006-2007 Joan Vinall, Then: 2nd Grade Teacher, Now: Retired

    Recognized  2005-2006 Carey Roberts, Then: Kindergarten Teacher Now: Retired

    No Rating NEW Testing  2004-2005 Sheila Beck, Then: 4th Grade Teacher, Now: Retired 

    No Rating NEW testing  2003-2004 Yolanda Gutierrez, Then: 1st Grade Teacher, Now: Deceased

    Recognized  2002-2003 Terri Gomez, Then: First Grade Teacher, Now: Retired

    Acceptable  2001-2002 Darla Hamilton, Then: 4th Grade Teacher, Now: Retired

    NEW No Rating,  2000-2001 Cynthia Firestone, Then: Third Grade Teacher, Now: Math Teacher at Rosemont 6th Grade Center