• W.M. Green Elementary School, known by the community as "FWISD's Hidden Treasure" was opened in 1959. The school was named for former FWISD Superintendent William Marvin Green.

    Excerpts from a 1980 essay entitled, "History of W.M. Green" (author Unknown):

    "On December 7, 1959, W. M. Green Elementary School opened its doors to welcome its first group of children, all of whom had previously attended classes at Mitchell Boulevard and Glen Park Elementary Schools."

    "In a rural setting on a large campus surrounded by oak trees, the building, designed by the architectural firm of Wilson, Patterson, Sowden, Dunlap, and Epperly, was built with sixteen classrooms, a cafeteria, library, auditorium, and offices for the principal, secretary, and nurse.  In recent years three temporary buildings for classrooms and a physical education activity building have been added."

    "During the first years the enrollment was small with one class for each of six grades.  In 1966 Village Creek School was closed and those children were sent to Green.  The sixth grade was moved to Forest Oak Middle School in 1969 and state-supported kindergarten classes were added in 1971." 

    "The school, named for Fort Worth superintendent William Marvin Green, has had nine principals in its swixty four year history:  Joseph B. McGee, Evelyn Strong, Earl Nance, Curtis Savannah, Thomas Mayfield, Norman Myers, Cora Torres- Faulk, Marcus Formey and the present principal, Edra Bailey."

    W.M. Green has grown to its present enrollment of 500+ students and thirty something classroom teachers. We've expanded to three additional wings, thanks to FWISD school bonds, and continue to service the community.