• United Voices for Change(UV4C)




    Let your VOICE be heard!!


    UV4C is a student group open to any and all students who want to work together for positive change on the Eastern Hills High School Campus and within our community. You can join by visiting Mrs. Titus in room C111. We are always welcoming new voices and perspectives. 


    UV4C Meetings are once per week (To Be Determined) during lunch and can be more often during the different campaigns and events.


    UV4C address teen topics of concern: Teen Suicide and the reasons for suicide ideation, Bullying and underlying reasons and injustices, Substance Abuse, Gang violence, Sex trafficking, Dating violence(Healthy Relationships), Sexual Harassment, Racism and more.. 


    Our vision is for students to work to create a problem-free community!


    The Mission of United Voices for Change is to enhance the high school experience in FWISD.


    Students working together to address common concerns, providing service to the community, and learning positive qualities and life skills that enable us to be the best we can be.