FWISD Multicultural Education Institute 4.0



    "MEI is an opportunity where educators can deeply engage in a learning experience that not only allows them to deepen their knowledge and practice to support our students in the classroom but also requires them to be vulnerable and have courageous conversations about what it means to be an educator in our District and our community knowing our cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity of FWISD.  It is not just our professional responsibility, but our moral obligation."

     -Dr. Marcey Sorensen, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning 

    FWISD Teaching & Learning has teamed up with TCU’s Department of Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies and TCU's College of Education to present this multiple day professional learning event.  

    Reimagined as a fully virtual institute, MEI’s fourth volume is a place where educators will learn in community around understandings and practices that cultivate student-driven learning environments that are equitable, culturally responsive, and linguistically accommodating.

    Live keynotes will kick-off and close the institute with breakout sessions filling out the remaining 3-day program. Breakout sessions will be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous offerings.  All sessions will probe educators to reflect on their practices while growing their ability to provide welcoming and culturally responsive learning experiences where students steadily grow from dependent learners into independent readers, writers, thinkers, and doers.

    Sessions are organized around four strands:

    1. Community Connections 

    2. Culturally Relevant Instruction 

    3. Social Emotional Learning 

    4. Literacy, Language, and Sociolinguistics 

    Registration is Closed

    Go to the FWISD Multicultural Education Institute site for the most up to date information about MEIv04 programming. 


    Who can participate in the FWISD Multicultural Education Institute (MEI)?

    FWISD employees and educators outside of the school district are eligible to participate.  See the  FWISD Multicultural Education Institute event page for registration information.


    Will people outside of FWISD receive credit?

    Yes.  TCU’s College of Education (COE)  is a Texas Education Agency authorized provider of Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Attendance information collected at each session will be shared with TCU COE for issuance of CPEs. 


    Is there a registration fee?

    No.  MEI is FREE and open to educators of all contents and grade levels.


    Do I need to attend all three days of MEI?

    No. MEI is a conference style professional learning event which means participants will be able to choose the sessions based on their interest and within time frames their personal schedule allows.


    When will I be able to see a list of session offerings?

    Sessions and program schedule are currently being finalized. The planning committee anticipates a full slate with over 40 sessions, including the general session keynotes.  A preview of sessions will be published to the FWISD Multicultural Education Institute event page by February 5.  


    Will I need to register for individual sessions and how will I do that?

    Yes. Participants will need to register for individual sessions. Registering for individual sessions is needed for (1) credit awarding purposes and (2) gain link access to the session.  Participants will use SCHED to register for individual sessions.  See the next question and answer for more information about SCHED. 


    I registered for MEI?  What additional communication should I expect to receive prior to the event?  What else do I need to do?

    Registrants will receive an email by February 10.  The email will share your log-in information to SCHED. Once logged into SCHED, registrants will be asked to build out their schedule by registering for individual sessions they plan on attending.  


    Will there be live (synchronous) sessions on Sunday, February 14?

    No.  On-demand/self-paced (asynchronous) offering will be available to participants on Sunday. There will be a full day of synchronous sessions scheduled for Saturday and Monday. Asynchronous sessions will be made available on Sched, February 13 at 3:30 pm.