Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Fort Worth ISD Leadership Academy Initiative

    The Initiative is a commitment of resources and support intended to grow student achievement and deepen learning at underperforming campuses. It is set to begin in the 2017-2018 school year at five schools. The backbone of the model will be strong leadership teams, highly effective teachers, and high expectations for staff and students.


    What schools have been chosen to become FWISD Leadership Academies?

    • Como Elementary School
    • Mitchell Boulevard Elementary School
    • Maude Logan Elementary School
    • John T. White Elementary School
    • Forest Oak Middle School

    Each school will be renamed utilizing both the Leadership Academy moniker and the traditional name of the school, i.e. FWISD Leadership Academy at Como Elementary, or FWISD Leadership Academy at Mitchell Boulevard Elementary, etc.


    How were these schools chosen? 

    These schools were carefully selected based on their significant level of student need. All the schools have been identified as Improvement Required by the state. The Initiative will operate as a mechanism for reconstitution.


    What new supports and expectations will be in place at the campuses for students?

    • An additional hour of instruction will be provided. The school day will be   extended by one hour.
    • Schools will be open until 6 p.m. for optional student support in intervention as well as for enrichment opportunities.
    • Failing grades will not be accepted. Teachers will provide additional instruction, and students will retake assessments/redo assignments until mastery.
    • Schools will offer resources to strengthen character and behavior.


    What special after-school opportunities will be offered?  

    • Free dinner provided daily, if students stay for after-school support
    • Enrichment programs
    • College prep opportunities
    • Small group tutoring
    • After-school activities
    • Student clubs
    • Time to do homework at school


    How are you going to make sure you have strong leadership and highly effective teachers at the Academy?

    Principals, assistant principals, counselors, and teachers who either move to or stay at one of the five schools in 2017-2018 will receive a stipend for three years as an incentive for working at a Leadership Academy campus.


    Who can attend an Initiative school?

    Students currently enrolled in an Initiative school will continue to attend the same school.


    How will transportation services be impacted by the Initiative?

    Students who are eligible for transportation services will continue to receive them.


    What is required of parents/guardians at Leadership Academies?

    Ensure students:

    • Arrive to school on time every day and in uniform.
    • Complete their homework every night.
    • Stay after school for homework support, tutoring, and enrichment, if   necessary.
    • Maintain consistent and positive communication with the teachers.
    • Uphold the Student Code of Conduct, maintain positive behavior, and build good habits to strengthen character.