• Frequently Asked Questions


    Is my high school diploma/GED acceptable?

    We will accept a diploma or GED from a institution that is accredited and recognized by TEA.  The list can be found here.


    Do my college transcripts have to be official or can they be copies?

    College transcripts must be official documents. If E-Scripted or sent electronically, they will need to be emailed directly to the Team Member assisting you in your Onboarding experience.  Paper transcripts are acceptable as long as they are official.  If it is a paper transcript mailed by your university, please have the document mailed directly to yourself and bring it into our office in person.  Many departments utilize transcripts and we are not responsible for lost transcripts mailed directly to our office.


    My degree/diploma is from another country. Can you accept my foreign transcripts/diploma?

    Foreign credentials will be accepted by FWISD as long as they are translated and equivocated by an acceptable accrediting agency.  An equivocation will be accepted by any of the accrediting agencies listed here.


    Do you need my Social Security Card?

    Yes, the Onboarding Team member processing your paperwork will need to see the original document to verify and make a copy for your file for payroll purposes.  Your information will be entered into our system according to the name listed on your social security card.  You can see how your name will appear in our system based on your social security card here.  If you change your name, you will need to have your social security card updated to reflect that change and bring in your new card to our Records department to initiate the change.


    How many references do I need and who can complete a reference form for me?

    All candidates will be required to provide two reference forms to complete their file.  At least one reference form will need to be from a current supervisor.  The second reference can be from another supervisor, co-worker, or other professional contact who is not a family member.  Collecting references is the responsibility of the candidate.  Reference forms can be sent through the Frontline application system or you can download a reference form to utilize here.


    Do you need my State ID/Driver's License?

    Yes, while you can use any acceptable form of identification for your I-9, you will be required to have a state ID or Driver's License, from any state in the U.S., for your background check to be uploaded to the state.


    When will I get a Fort Worth ISD Badge?

    Once you have completed your hiring process and are ready to start, you will need to take a picture for and be provided a Fort Worth ISD ID badge through the Central Calling Office.  Your first badge is provided free of charge, however there is a $25 replacement fee.  You can find information regarding your ID badge here.


    How do I set up my email account?

    Once you have completed the hiring process and picked up your badge your email account will be ready to access usually within 24-48 hours.  To setup the account, you will need to do so using a district computer.  Once your account has been set up you will be able to remotely access it from any computer.  Please follow the instructions here to setup that account.


    Do I need to complete an application if I previously worked for the district?

    Yes, it is required that you submit an online application even if you worked for FWISD previously.


    Should an applicant contact the school principal/hiring manager regarding a position?

    It is not recommended to contact a principal or hiring manager for a position. It is also not recommended to fax or mail materials to the campuses. Once you apply to a specific position online your application can easily be viewed by the assigned principal/hiring manager of that campus or position. You will be contacted if an interview is desired.


    What documents are necessary to complete my application file?

    This can vary slightly according to the position.  Under the job description of the position you applied to, in the Qualifications section, you will find required documents listed.  You may be required to upload some of these documents to your application and can include the following: resume, certification(s), transcripts, and cover letter.  For further information, please speak with the Onboarding Team Member assisting you with your hiring process.


    What happens to applications once they are received by Human Capital Management?

    The applicant will receive an automated response from Frontline once an application has been submitted. It is not necessary to contact the Human Resources office regarding the status of an application. Once an application is complete, principals and/or department staff will review the application file for employment. They will then contact the applicants they wish to interview for the position and notify Human Capital Management of their selection.


    I forgot my login information/password for Frontline.  What do I do?

    When you login to Frontline, next to ‘Password’ will be a ‘Forgot Password’ Link.  Please click on this and enter the required information so that the system sends you an updated password.  If you do not receive this password and continue to have issues; on the main page of Frontline click on the ‘Request Technical Help’ link towards the bottom of the page.  At the top of the page you will find a search box where you can type in what you need assistance with, 'Password', and follow the prompts.


    I applied for a ‘Pool’ position. What does that mean?

    If you have applied for a position that is labeled a ‘Pool’, this means your application will be active for one year within that position pool and viewable by all principals/hiring managers.  You will be contacted if a principal/hiring manager wishes to interview you for a position at their campus.  If you are not selected, you will still be active within the pool and able to be considered for other positions.