• Digital Leadership Academy-Class Format


    Class Type


    Article Study

    Energize your mind by reading and engaging in digital leadership related articles. Article studies are comprised of pre-selected articles. The readings are accompanied by an online quiz and discussion forum. There are several articles available.


    Engage your teachers in discovering ways to incorporate technology as an instructional tool in the classroom and merge content, pedagogy, and technology. Various training topics are available. Contact your Technology Learning Coach or Karla Lester for more information.


    Choose what you want to learn. Participate in an instructional technology-focused conference. Gather with like-minded colleagues to learn, share, and grow your digital leadership strengths.


    Participate in online learning at your convenience. During eCourses, all course materials and assignments are accessed through the web. Participants work at their own pace without an instructor. Each eCourse requires online demonstration of learning (submission of product) and participation in discussion boards.

    Lab Class

    Practice as you learn. Lab classes are 2-hour learning opportunities that take place in a computer lab. Participants are able to learn, practice, and implement during these sessions.

    Leadership Performance Task

    Building technology leadership capacity has the potential to elicit the greatest impact when compared with the impact of learning how to use digital tools or how to deliver content digitally (Mcleod, Bathon, & Richardson, 2011). Therefore, school leaders will complete two job-embedded leadership task: Common Sense School Certification and School Digital Learning Plan.


    Teacher Training (Summer 2019)

    This summer, Educational Technology will host summer training in June. Classes will be available as face-to-face and online.