Family Connections

  • What is Family Math Night?


    The purpose of Math Night is to promote the joy in math, in all its forms, and to encourage families to explore new experiences in math with their children.

    Parents and siblings, along with extended family members and friends, are invited to attend these events, where participants play math games, meet and interact with administrators, teachers and math coaches, get valuable information about the mathematics curriculum and enjoy refreshments and door prizes.

    Parents learn ways to help their children with homework and are shown math games and activities that the family can do at home together.  This sort of family participation has been shown to increase a child's confidence in his ability to do math, as well as teach him to value mathematics.

    Parents learn to identify opportunities for reinforcing mathematics skills at home by talking about how they use math at work or at home, by involving their children in tasks that require computing, measuring, estimating, building, problem solving and reasoning, and by looking for activities that require their children to use mathematical skills, such as building scale models, cooking, planning trips, and playing logic games.


    Check with each campus to find out when their Family Math Night is scheduled.

Family Math Night