50 years
Hoka Hey

Cougar Football Teams

  • Mission Statement for the Western Hills High School Football Program
    It is our mission to provide a positive and motivating environment that creates a competitive spirit, emotional and academic growth, and the building of successful citizens of our student-athletes.

    Vision of the Western Hills Football Program
    I enjoy the challenge of leading ambitious student-athletes and coaches in the process of building a program that can be the pride of the school and the community. I believe that with the right leadership, focus, and vision Western Hills can and will improve to the caliber of team that can compete for a district championship. A playoff spot can be realized in a short amount of time.

    I know that there are athletes in our program and in the school that can and will lead us in the right direction. I have seen first-hand that the student-athletes in the Cougar football program have the desire, motivation, commitment, discipline, and ability to turn things around here at Western Hills High School.

    There are talented athletes in the Western Hills pyramid. I believe that if we can get those kids to buy into our concepts, vision, and program we will be able to retain them and build a solid football program. The best programs don’t always have the best athletes. The best programs all have one thing in common: 100% buy-in from athletes, parents, and coaches.

    This transformation will not be easy. We will need hardworking and committed coaches that are willing to put the hours in on and off the football field.  We must all share the same vision, goals, and philosophies. We must all work to make the athletes buy in to our ideas. We will have constant communication with the Leonard Middle School and its coaches and athletes. I believe that the Middle school coaches are part of our program and must be treated with the same respect and dignity of any other coach in the program. We will have little Cougar camps to attract the younger athletes in our community, beginning of the season pep rally, positive interactions with students in the hallways, and most importantly positive and beneficial communication with parents and guardians in our community.

    My hope is that by meeting with me, you will get a better idea of my plans and that we will share the same vision to lead Cougar football back to the top.

    ~Coach Blake Moilan

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