Ms. Hannah Coble

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hannah Coble

In terms of academia, I graduated from R.L Paschal High School, and then UTA in Arlington 4 years later. I earned my Bachelor's in Arts in English, and my minor was in History.

In terms of professionalism, I was a substitute teacher from 2014-2016, which included long-term teaching positions. I have also been a contract writer for a graphic design firm and a pollmaking firm, and I have been a web content writer for a search engine optimization firm. I started drafting manuscripts of fictional novels in high school. I have since published 2 novels and am writing the 3rd in its series. Soon I hope to finish a Young Adult lit novel as well.

In terms of personal philosophy, I may not come off as particularly personable. I am, in fact, a misanthrope, and have been for years. I did rescue work with a non-profit no kill animal shelter for over 10 years, and I have a true appreciation for animals and everything related to them - physiology, biology, behavioralism, etc. - which means I've accumulated a small background in that area of the science field. I also greatly enjoy and love historically accurate facts tied into fictional literature, which means I have an expansive background in multi-cultural histories. All of which is due to the fact that I am an avid reader.

I do not advocate for what I do not practice myself. I only assign books which I have read myself, and have made me better for reading them. I only require the completion of projects which I have produced or made myself. Which means you, student, will be having a very busy school year.

Becoming a better writer, scientist, mathematician, historian, student, teacher, or person, means becoming an exemplary reader. And what leads to your improving your reading skills is thinking. Becoming an active, critical thinker is an accumulation process of strategies that can be, will be implemented in every other area of your life. Being a thinker improves your chances of passing classes, of gaining a better job, of having healithier relationships. Honestly, becoming an active, critical thinker means you will never just be people, never one in the masses. You will be one of a kind. You will be a person, your own person, and a truly Good person for it. 

Ultimately, that's why I'm here. Because finding a Good person is hard. Becoming one is harder. And I want to give my students a fighting chance at leading a Good life. But that also means you, as my student, have to fight for your future, too. Maybe you're a natural fighter, maybe you'll have to pick up a few tactics along the way from me or the literature we'll read. But the only way we can do this, is together. And today is as good a day as any to begin.


What I Do: Cultivate Readers, Writers, & Thinkers

In a nutshell, the entire purpose of my class will never be geared towards how to take a standardized test. The entire purpose of my class, this class, YOUR class, is to guide you into learning how to be a reader, a writer, and a thinker. Once you are these, everything else follows. Math problems make more sense, science is comprehensively more logical, social studies and history becomes fascinating, intricate, and easier to commit to memory. You will improve in every area. Even passing a standardized test.