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    The North Side Whiz Quiz team is open to all students interested in competitive academic challenges.  Whiz Quiz is a Jeopardy-style  academic challenge between two four-member teams of students.  Each team participates in a round of rapid-fire questions about science, literature, social studies, geography, grammar, math and pop culture, resulting in points for correct answers.  The winner is determined based upon the team with the most points. We seek to increase confidence, academic knowledge and build lasting relationships through friendly competition. 



    * To participate in a well-structured, consciously designed competition to foster collaboration and team work

    * To strengthen students' understanding of how to deal with conflicting opinions and ideas while dealing with widely differing personalities

    * To have a growth mindset by conducting practices and exploring improvements in the tasks we take on using competition benchmarks

Whiz Quiz Finals 2022

2019 FWISD Whiz Quiz High School Semi & Finals

Whiz Quiz

Whiz Quiz
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