• Mission Statement

    The Steer Crew is a group of student volunteers dedicated to helping others in their classes, school and community.  Steer Crew uses opportunities like Transition Camp to provide individuals with a chance to develop leadership and problem solving skills.  



    * To diversity school leadership opportunities to students as peer mentors and examples in their communities

    * To address the information gap by providing students with a wealth of information about the academic, social, and organizational similarities and differences between middle school and high school during Transition Camp 

    * To maximize the benefits and learning potential of volunteering positions such as increased achievement, scores and attendance


  • Transition Camp!

    It's that time of the year when some of us get excited and some of us get inspired about our Traditional 6th year strong Freshmen Transition Camp - North Side STYLE.

    This year's Theme:  Steer STRONG 


    S - ucceeding

    T - hrough

    R - igorous

    O - bstacles

    N - ever

    G - iving-up

    (We delay the traditional classroom setting acclimating our Freshmen to the Steer Way of Academics and High School - two day delay.)

    All Freshmen teachers help out in some capacity.  All Freshmen participate in the camp in full capacity. Some Upperclassmen are the STEER CREW leaders who aid and assist the Freshmen in this awesome experience. 

    We have two days full of activity and experiences. (First two days of school)





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    Monita Sharpe