• Mission Statement

    The North Side High School Student Council is an organization to promote involvement, ownership, leadership, and stewardship in our school. This group is designed to give students a voice. Students will learn the democratic process, the appropriate ways to affect change, and develop their ability to interact with the adults in our school and community. These students will represent the student body in school as well as within the community by promoting pride, service, achievement and spirit in our school.


    * To develop leadership skills, empower student voice, and positively impact school and community culture and climate

    * To enhance the journey of leadership for students, advisors, and their councils within their school and district

    * To offer strategic support at the local and district level by advocating for student council programs

  • The Student Government Council is organizing for 2020. We are the entity that plans for the school. We will need to be especially creative in planning Homecoming 2020.  

    If you KNOW of an interested student who wants to make their mark and leave their legacy, send them our way. We need help showing our STEER and NSHS Pride!  All are welcome to join SGC as we plan for the future.


2019 Homecoming

  •  Homecoming Schedule


    Chain Links:

      Start Thursday, 19 Sept 2019

    1st: Juniors


    2nd: Seniors


    3rd: Freshman

    Door Decor:

       Decorate by Monday, 23 Sept 2019

    1st: Bentley - 134

       Judging after 4pm Wednesday, 25 Sept

    2nd: Craven - 256


    3rd: Camacho - 100

    Cafeteria Wall Decor: 

       Decorate by Monday, 23 Sept 2019

    1st: Juniors C2021

       Judging after 4pm Tuesday, 24 Sept

    2nd: Seniors C2020


    3rd: Freshman C2023

    Hall Decor:

       Wednesday, 25 Sept 2019

    1st: Juniors C2021

       5pm - 10pm

    2nd: Seniors C2020

       Judging 8am, Thursday 26 Sept

    3rd: Sophomores C2022

    Pep Rally:

      Friday, 27 Sept 2019


      Friday, 27 Sept 2019

       7:00pm - Handley Field


       Saturday, 28 Sept 2019

       7-10pm - NSHS Cafeteria


    Overall Winners for Spirit Competition – The Junior Class of 2021

    (The Junior Class won the OVERALL Spirit Competition Last year as Sophomores.)

    Go CLASS of 2021 and thank you to all for your Participation.





    The parade is Wednesday, 25 September, 2019.  Start: 24th and Ellis.  Use entry form. The more the merrier.
    Floats $50
    Vehicles $25
    Motorcycles $15
    Horses $10
    Dogs $5
    Skateboarders $5
    Walkers (as a group)  $Free$
    Needed items (by policy):
    Copy of a Driver's License
    Copy of Insurance
    See Sharpe for details in room 319.  Some items or issues can arise due to parade requirements.  Please see Sharpe and she can help.  

    There is a FLOAT contest. Here's the winners...

    Honorable Mention: Student Council

    Honorable Mention: Cosmo (Cosmetology Girls) for Theme and Tshirts

    3rd:  Danny Burgos – LINC Class Float 

    2nd: Juniors – Class of 2021

    1st: Sterling Spurs Dance Team 


    • We loved our SWERVE Guys and our SWERVE Girls in their TRUCKS.
      • They looked fabulous and drove safely.
    • We had an abundance of horses and give a SHOUT OUT to all of our Horse Riders.
    • And a HUGE THANK you to our Police Officers for their Visibility & Support.
      • They even played music for us.
      • Our Police Officers are NSHS Alum.
      • Way to give back North Side Alumni.


Homecoming Theme Days!

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