It's Not Okay

It's Not Okay

  • Bullying, substance abuse, cheating and more- these behaviors are not okay!  Fort Worth ISD is committed to helping our students stay safe.  The "It's not okay!" initiative encourages students to make healthy decisions and ask for help when they or their friends are in need.   

    This comprehensive effort focuses on behaviors that can place the student and others at risk. These behaviors include: bullying, cyberbullying, teen dating violence, sexting, suicide, gangs, sexual harassment and substance abuse. Components of this effort include: media, education, response and support, reporting and evaluation. Through the reporting component, students are now able to report a concern through e-mail, text, by phone or by using the Friends for Life link.

    The initiative will focus on one topic each month. Each topic listed below will take you to a separate page with web resources and other important information. In addition to the resources listed below, a student pledge card has been designed for use with this initiative.

    The schedule of topics for this school year is:

    Month  /// Secondary Poster /// Elementary Poster

    September /// Suicide /// Hurting Yourself 

    October /// Bullying/Cyberbullying /// Bullying/Cyberbullying

    November /// Substance Abuse /// Substance Abuse

    January /// Sexting /// Lying

    February /// Teen Dating Violence /// Being Mean

    March /// Gangs /// Cheating

    April /// Sexual Harassment /// Disrespect

    May /// Violence /// Violence