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  • nuvoice

    NuVoice is the software that emulates LAMP Words for Life on your classroom laptop or computer.  Once installed you and your students can display and use WFL at the Promethean Board.  Great for group and whole class activities!

    Installing NuVoice (WFL) from Software Center

    Write with Icons is a great tool to create visual material to teach icons, vocabulary and engineer the environment with core words!  Enjoy this short tutorial to use and love Write with Icons!

    Write with Icons for LAMP Words for Life

    Check out Word Finder to teach students the motor plan with icons!

    Word Finder in WFL

    Backing up LAMP Words for Life customized vocabulary

    If you are using Vocabulary Builder on your iPad and have created custom boards you need to save them!  Some of you may have noticed that when the WFL app is updated all of your custom vocabularies disappear.  If they are not backed up you have to re-create them!  Who has time for that?  You can quickly and easily save them in Dropbox, a free cloud service!  Watch the video to see how free and easy it is to save your vocabulary boards. 

    Saving Custom Vocabulary in Words for Life

    Vocabulary Builder allows you to hide icons in the LAMP Words for Life on your classroom iPad.  You can teach new vocabulary, discrimination and provide errorless learning during structured lessons.

    Vocabulary Builder



Guided Access

  • HELP!  My LAMP app is asking for a password when I try to change the Vocab or go into the Menu...

    No worries!  Watch this 60 sec video for the fix.