• College Career and Military Readiness and Enrichment

    Office: 817-814-1530

    Dr. Lisa Castillo | Executive Director of CCMR and Enrichment

    Dr. Robert Wright | Director of CCMR

    Melissa Andrade | Administrative Assistant

    Post-Secondary Success

    Adagui Aguilera Gomez | Post-Secondary Success Coordinator

    Mary Helen Hill | Post-Secondary Success Coordinator

    Yajaira Gutierrez | Administrative Assistant


    Career and Technical Education

    Office: 817-814-1501

    Bobbi Levine Szyndler | CTE Coordinator

    Jenni Washington | CTE Coordinator

    Jennifer Abe | CTE Coordinator

    Stephanie Tennyson | CTE Coordinator

    Instructional Coaching and Support

    Mark Slagle | CTE Instructional Specialist

    Lila Lecuyer | STEM Trailer Teachers

    Joshua Grizzelle | STEM Trailer Teachers

    Stephanie Aceves | STEM Trailer Teachers

    Tijean Harris | STEM Trailer Teachers


    Student Engagement & Counseling Services

    Office: 817-814-2570 

    Dr. Anita Perry | Executive Director, Student Engagement & Counseling Services

    Pamela Osby | Administrative Assistant

    Jessica Alaniz | Director, High School Counseling Services

    Dr. Rachel Lomax | Director, Middle School Counseling Services

    AJ Hicks | Director, Elementary Counseling Services

    Laurie Wilford | Administrative Associate


    JROTC and JCC

    Office 817-815-7350

    LTC (R) Richard Crossley | Director

    LTC (R) Cedric Williams |Deputy Director 

    1SG (R) Terrence Campbell | AOT Manager 

    SFC (R) Jack Harris | Business Manager/Prop Specialist