Architecture & Construction

    Trimble Technical

    Cabinetmaker is one of the career choices for this career focus.
    Cabinetmakers use a lot of skill and creativity in their work. They build and repair furniture made of wood and other materials.


    • Earnings Range: $10 – 32/Hour

    Level of Education

    • High School
    • 2-Year College or Technical Training

    Core Tasks

    • Read drawings and specifications, and prepare patterns and layouts
    • For custom pieces, discuss the projects with customers and draw up detailed specifications
    • Set up and operate woodworking equipment, and cut, shape, and assemble the pieces of wood
    • Sand and smooth the surfaces, and apply veneer, stain, or paint

    Attributes & Abilities

    • Mechanically inclined
    • Work well with your hands
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Communication skills
    • Able to visualize finished products


    • Work for furniture manufacturers and custom furniture shops, or are self-employed
    • Most work a 5-day, 40-hour week, but overtime is sometimes necessary
    • Work indoors in factories or woodworking shops, which are usually dusty and noisy
    • There is some risk of cuts from sharp tools
    • On their feet much of the time

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    High School Certification Options in Fort Worth ISD

    Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    NCCER Entry Level Craft Skills;
    NCCER Carpentry Level I;
    Construction Level II 

    Not Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Certification