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    Audio-Visual Technician is one of the career choices for this career focus.
    Audio-Visual Technicians set up, operate, and maintain AV equipment. They use equipment like projectors and speakers for all sorts of events.


    • Earnings Range: $23,000 – 75,000

    Level of Education

    • High School
    • 2-Year College or Technical Training
    • 4-Year College or University

    Core Tasks

    • Move equipment to where it is needed
    • Set up equipment and make sure it works properly
    • Install and maintain permanent multimedia systems
    • Teach others how to use equipment
    • Maintain equipment and make small repairs

    Attributes & Abilities

    • Technically inclined
    • An interest in technology
    • Patient
    • Communication skills
    • Work well as part of a team


    • Work for school boards, colleges, convention centers, government departments, and hospitals
    • Work mainly indoors, but may also work outdoors
    • The work can be physically demanding
    • Most work a regular 40-hour week, though overtime and shift work are sometimes required
    • Local travel may be required

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    High School Certification Options in Fort Worth ISD

    Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    Adobe Certified Associate-Premiere;
    Apple Final Cut Pro Certification