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    Illustrators is one of the career choices for this career focus.
    Illustrators draw pictures for books, ads, and product packages. Their drawings help convey ideas and make messages easier to understand.Earnings

    • Earnings Range: $20,000 – 87,000

    Level of Education

    • 2-Year College or Technical Training
    • 4-Year College or University

    Core Tasks

    • Specialize in a particular field, such as editorial, technical, or fashion illustration
    • Many draw pictures to accompany text in magazines, newspapers, and children’s books
    • Some create technical drawings showing the various parts of machines and equipment
    • Others draw models wearing the latest fashions, or draw products for advertisers

    Attributes & Abilities

    • Drawing ability
    • Creative
    • Reading skills
    • Analytical
    • Self-motivated and disciplined


    • Employers include advertising agencies, retailers, publishers, and architectural firms
    • Most work on a freelance basis
    • Work in studios, production departments, and home offices
    • Usually work 8 to 11 hours a day
    • Evening and weekend work is sometimes necessary to meet deadlines

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    High School Certification Options in Fort Worth ISD

    Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    Adobe Certified Associate-Photoshop;
    Adobe Certified Associate-Illustrator;
    Adobe Certified Associate-InDesign

    Not Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Certification