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    Restaurant Manager is one of the career choices for this career focus.
    Restaurant Managers are in charge of all aspects of a restaurant. They make sure that their customers are happy with the meal.


    • Earnings Range: $31,000 – 81,000

    Level of Education

    • High School
    • 2-Year College or Technical Training

    Core Tasks

    • Interact with customers and handle their complaints
    • Hire and fire staff, prepare work schedules, and assign duties
    • Keep track of inventory and order supplies
    • Ensure health and safety standards are met
    • Prepare budgets, maintain sales records, and manage payrolls

    Attributes & Abilities

    • Good with people
    • Friendly
    • Hard-working
    • Organized
    • Prior experience working in a restaurant


    • Employed by hotels and restaurants, or manage their own restaurants
    • May have to deal with angry customers or difficult employees
    • Hours vary depending on the kind of restaurant they manage
    • Many work long and irregular hours, especially owners
    • Evening and weekend work is common

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    High School Certification Options in Fort Worth ISD

    Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    ServSafe Food Handlers Certification;
    ServSafe Food Managers Certification;
    ServSafe Food Allergens