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    Trimble Technical

    Autobody Repairer is one of the career choices for this career focus.
    Autobody Repairers fix the damaged frames and body parts of cars and trucks. They straighten bent frames, remove dents, and replace crumpled parts.


    • Earnings Range: $11 – 31/Hour

    Level of Education

    • High School
    • 2-Year College or Technical Training

    Core Tasks

    • Assess the damage to vehicles
    • Provide customers with a price estimate
    • Use hammers and other tools to remove large dents
    • Replace sections that are beyond repair, including windows and interior components
    • Fill small holes and dents with body filler and sand them smooth

    Attributes & Abilities

    • Physically fit
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Math and computer skills
    • Detail-oriented
    • Mechanically inclined


    • Work in repair shops, auto dealerships, and autobody paint shops
    • Work indoors in shops that are noisy, dusty, and dirty
    • Most work a 5-day, 40-hour week, but overtime is sometimes necessary
    • Spend most of the day on their feet, bending, crouching, reaching, stretching, or kneeling
    • Some risk of cuts, burns, and exposure to paint fumes

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    High School Certification Options in Fort Worth ISD

    Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

    Not Counted Towards Performance Acknowledgement:
    Safety and Pollution Prevention (S/P2)