The History Behind North Side Senior High

  • 1884 - The little community of Marine, which is located near what today is the intersection of North Main and Central Avenue, was the beginning of what would become North Fort Worth. The building was located in the 1600 block of North Commerce Street. It has survived to this day and is now located in Log Cabin Village on University. As the town grew, a new school was needed. The second structure to serve as a school was located at North Main and 16th Street, directly across from the Catholic Men’s Club. These early schools educated all grade levels in a single building.

    1884 - The school’s first football team was sponsored and thus began the school’s illustrious football history.

    1911 - Maroon and white were adopted as the school’s official colors.

    1913 - The first basketball team was organized; the LASSO, the school's annual, was published for the first time; and the school’s Alumni Association was organized. 

    1914 - The growth of the Stockyards in the early 20th century led to the building of the third structure, which was the first to be called North Side High School. This building was situated on 21st Street where the playground of Manuel Jara Elementary School sits now. The name plate from the old building is displayed on 21st Street in front the playground.

    1919 - A new building was constructed on what is now the J.P. Elder Middle School campus. Currently called the “Elder Annex" on Park and Lincoln, this building served as North Side High School until the current building on McKinley Avenue was opened in the fall of 1938.

    1922 - The school's Alma Mater was written by Otsie Betts.

    1923 - North Siders were first branded as Steers and the first edition of the school newspaper, THE LARIAT, was published.

    1924 - The NSHS chapter of the National Honor Society was recognized.

    1937 - North Side High School, the 'High School on the Hill', moved once again to a new building in its current location on McKinley Ave with an enrollment of 1,164. The 15 acre North Side High School campus was a joint project between Fort Worth ISD, the Public Works Administration (PWA), and the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  It was designed by architect Wiley G Clarkson. 

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