Mariachi: Espuelas de Plata

  • What is Mariachi?
    Mariachi, small Mexican musical ensemble composed of a variety of mostly stringed instruments. In addition to referring to an ensemble, the term mariachi is also used for the individual performer of mariachi music or for the music itself. Mariachi has long been considered a uniquely Mexican sound, representing a homegrown tradition that embraces both indigenous and foreign elements.

    The mariachi orchestra emerged in the late 1700s or early 1800s in west-central Mexico. The word mariachi may have come from the now-extinct language of the Coca Indians, but both the word’s etymology and the early history of the form and its followers are unknown. The typical instruments of contemporary mariachi include the vihuela, a five-string guitar related to an instrument popular in the Spanish Renaissance; the guitarrón, a large, fretless six-string bass guitar; a standard six-string acoustic guitar; and violins and trumpets, which usually play the melody. Trumpets were not added until the early 20th century, but they are now more or less an essential element. Mariachi music initially consisted of local or regional sones (instrumental music), but, early on, performances began to include vocal elements.

    Early mariachis dressed in peasant garb (usually white), though since the early 20th century male mariachi bands typically have worn traje de charro, the attire of the cowboys of Jalisco—matching uniforms with tight, ornamented trousers, boots, wide bow ties, sombreros, and short jackets. The traditional ensemble was all-male, but since the 1940s women have played an increasing role in mariachi performance, and by the early 21st century there were a number of all-female mariachi groups. Most female performers dressed either in a modified version of traje de charro or in china poblana, a traditional costume consisting typically of an embroidered blouse, a long colourful skirt, and a rebozo (shawl).

    *Encyclopedia Britannica 2019

  • NSHS Mariachi Varsity at Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo Invitational
    Our Varsity Ensemble competed in the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo Mariachí Invitational this past Saturday and took 2nd place! We are extremely proud of them and all their hard work. Here are a few video clips of their performances. If you see any of these kids in class, please congratulate them on their hard work!
    Clip #1
    Clip #2
    NSHS Mariachi Sweeps North Zone UIL with 1st Division Wins for ALL

    We would like to share with you how proud we are of our Mariachí students and their hard work and dedication. We had four ensembles participate this past Saturday in the North Zone Mariachí UIL Contest! Each ensemble earned a 1st Division Rating for their performance,  highest rating possible in the rubric! This marks a historical moment in not only our North Side campus but district AND statewide.  

    We are very proud of all the hard work our students and directors have put in for this contest! Please enjoy these photos of each ensemble and if you have any of these students in your classes, please feel free to congratulate them for their amazing performances!



    In only it's second year in existence, the TMEA All-State Mariachi has two students from FWISD to be members!!  North Side High School Mariachi is proud to announce that two seniors have made it through some difficult rounds of auditions and earned a position in this wonderful group of young musicians.
    Leonardo Castruita, 6th Chair Violin
    Dylan Baker, 1st Chair Guitarron
    Both students will attend the TMEA Convention in February and will rehearse with Grammy Nominated Maestro Jose Hernandez in a clinic over a few days, to present a concert on Saturday, February 12, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas.  
    We are very excited to support both students and congratulate them on their amazing achievement!  If either of these students are in your class or if you know them, please congratulate them on this wonderful achievement.

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