• 4th Annual Drew Medford Memorial Tournament, March 12 - 14

    Please mark your calendar and consider supporting this important community event that honors the life of Drew Medford, Paschal teammate.  The tournament brings the best regional talent to Fort Worth for some great baseball and offers scholarships to selected deserving players.
    For more details and/or to donate to this wonderful event, visit the Drew Medford Memorial Tournament Website.



    In August of 2016, a Paschal High School baseball star, Drew Medford, ready to play for TCU, lost his life in a car crash.  Turning tragedy into something positive, his family organized the Drew Medford Baseball Tournament to honor his life.  The tournament brings the best regional talent together for some great baseball and provides scholarship monies to selected deserving senior baseball players.

    High school coaches say the 18-year-old would have gone pro. He accepted a scholarship at TCU to play ball and had already been working out with the team.

    Adrienne Grant, Drew's older sister, says the school, teammates and the community have embraced the idea.  "We got private donations. We had companies who got behind it,” she said. “It's really turned something that was sad into something for us to look forward to that honors Drew and the game that he loved.  And it honors Paschal High School and its coaching staff and everyone that's been so wonderful to us over the years."

Drew Medford Memorial Tournament