• Mission Statement

    The purpose of the club is to engage and prepare students for careers in engineering and programming.  We want to provide students a place to pursue their interest in all aspects of engineering while having fun designing robots for competition.  Teams will design, build and program functioning robots using a variety of methods and resources.  


    *To inspire skills in innovation, and foster well-rounded students with self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

    *To instill a habit of problem solving by working on mechanical, electronic and software design issues in a hands on program. 

    *To encourage all students regardless of program to explore engineering and programming through competitions. 

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2018 Events and News

  • March 27, 2018


    Our two NSHS robotics teams will be competing head-to-head this afternoon at 4pm in the library to crown a North Side Robotics champion. Please stick around after school to watch and cheer them on.

    During both lunches and 5th and 6th periods, the teams will be practicing and preparing in library. I want to invite you to come down during your lunch period, or feel free to bring your class in to see what they are doing.

    NOCHE DE CIENCIAS (Science Night)

    Science Night is tonight starting at 5:30. Feel free to register students today, I just need names emailed to me no later than 3:30. Thank you so much to those of you have registered students. I will send out a list of attendees later this week. Teachers are welcome to stay and have pizza as well.

  • We have 25 students competing on 2 teams this year: #8242 Steerminatorz and #13780 Steer Clear.  FTC Qualifying events were held on Satudrday, January 27th.  Live Facebook streaming allowed spectators to watch from home if they couldn't make the matches in person. 


    Congratulations to our two Steer Robotics teams, Steerminatorz and Steer Clear! They competed this weekend against 28 other teams from the North Texas area. Both teams did an amazing job coming together to overcome multiple challenges throughout the day. In the end, 8242 fought hard, with many matches determined by just a few points. 13780 went undefeated in the qualifying matches, ranking 3rd and serving as an alliance captain, but lost in the semifinals round. 13780 was also honored with the Design Award for their innovative use of tank tracks.

    While we are not advancing to the next round of competition, we are continuing to build and perfect our robots. The Steer Robotics club has open membership to all students on campus, and you are invited to our next build session on Monday, February 5th after school in room 420.  See Mrs. Finegan for more details.




    Please congratulate these students when you see them, and stop by room 420 sometime to see the amazing robots that THEY have designed, built and programmed.  The names above the dashed lines were the ones who competed Saturday, but everyone on the team has been contributing to team’s success throughout the year, even if they didn’t attend the competition.
    8242 Steerminatorz
    Giovani Cardona - Senior
    Ariel DeLeon – Senior
    Manuel Duenas – Senior
    Luis Duran – Senior
    Carolina Lopez – Senior
    Mel Ordonez – Senior
    Andrew Ybarra – Freshman
    Adrian Avila – Senior
    Isaac Castaneda - Senior
    Ryan Martinez – Senior
    Mariano Perez – Freshman
    Jorge Rodriguez – Senior
    Stephanie Velasco – Senior
    13780 Steer Clear
    Anthony Aviles – Senior
    Fernando Camarillo – Senior
    Sergio Cardoza – Senior
    Azul Gonzalez – Sophomore
    Antonio Guzman – Senior
    Maekele Habtom – Senior
    Reynaldo Martinez – Junior
    Oscar Monger – Senior
    Isaac Olvera – Junior
    Juan Salinas – Junior
    Marco Salinas – Sophomore
    Guadalupe Palomo – Junior
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Go Steers!

North Side Steer Robotics Team

Robotic Steers
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