student code of conduct overview


    Students and teachers have a right to learn and work in a safe environment that encourages academic achievement. Creating such an environment requires everyone to know and support the rules. 

    This Student Code of Conduct details the high standards of behavior expected of students. The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education has established these standards to ensure that our schools will continue to be safe places for teaching and learning.

    Please note that inappropriate language, verbal abuse and threats by students will not be tolerated. Remember that certain items are not allowed on school grounds. They include, but are not limited to, the following: knives of any kind, mace, laser pointers, firecrackers, box cutters, BB guns, replicas of weapons and razors.

     Individual schools may develop campus-level student handbooks, but each one will reinforce this Student Code of Conduct and support both District policy and state law.

    The Student Code of Conduct underscores the importance of creating a safe and healthy learning environment for all students, one in which academic achievement is a priority. Please read the Student Code of Conduct carefully and discuss the information with your child.


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