Latreesha Leonard

Campus Ambassador at Sunrise McMillan Elementary

Preparing all students for success in college, career and community leadership.

  • Ms. Leonard always has a positive attitude. She serves as an advisor to our Student Ambassadors. She encourages all students to do their best. Ms. Leonard's instructional proactives help to build a solid foundation for students. Students are always activley engaged in the teaching and learning. She builds positive relationships and establishes a sense of community. She is committed to all of our school's improvement goals. 

Latreesha Leonard
  • "I became an educator because I have always had the passion to teach. I began my career in FWISD because there are so many opportunities to grow within the education field. Although FWISD is a very large district, it feels like a family. Sunrise McMillan is such a a great school! We collaborate together, we have friendly competitions and most of all we support and care for each other. Sunrise makes sure to keep the students our first priority and that is what it's all about!"

Rebecca Jones