Kristi York

Campus Ambassador at Walton Elementary

Preparing all students for success in college, career and community leadership.

  • Ms. York has a genuine interest in not only her students but all students across the building. She always volunteer her time and ideas to assist across the campus.  She works with other teachers and staff in a positive manner. She is always willing to assist in any way needed. Mrs. York serves on our SNDM, Teaching Trust Team, ESL Lead Teacher, Saturday School Teacher, Technology TIE, and 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year. 

Kristi York
  • "After graduating from Baylor with a degree in Business Management, I decided that I would substitute teach.  I love it, and decided at that moment it was what I was meant to do and 14 years later, it is still my passion! I obtained my certification from Region XII and began teaching within a year. I've always had a passion for students who struggle and felt that I could contribute to their success by letting them know that they always had someone on their side who believes in them and had high expectations for their success. I love each and every one of my students, and they teach me new things every year as we grow together."

Rebecca Jones