Brenda Ayala

Campus Ambassador at West Handley Elementary

Preparing all students for success in college, career and community leadership.

  • Ms. Ayala is a natural leader in her grade level as well as on campus. She has been selected to help write bilingual curriculum for next year and was recently chosen from hundred of educators to the be of the DFW Policy Fellowship. She collaborates with her tea, and is continuously working to improve her craft as well as her peers. Ms. Ayala always contributes to school community conversations. She attended the Ron Clark Academy and is presenting to staff ideas that will support students in their learning.  

Brenda Ayala
  • "As a career-changer, I became an educator because I wanted to give back to the community. I thought my life experiences could be somehow a model to follow to our children in need. I teach in FWISD because it's high diversity. West Handley Elementary is my home away from home. I feel a sense of acceptance and belonging from my campus family. I enjoy working on a campus with total collaboration from peers, support from administration and where every single member of the staff is committed to make a positive impact in the life of our students."

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