Porsche Brewer

Campus Ambassador at Morningside Middle School

Preparing all students for success in college, career and community leadership.

  • Mrs. Brewer is very hands on and patient when working with teachers and administration. She assists in planning, coaching and co-teaching with our Math Department. In addition to coaching teachers, Mrs. Brewer works with students in small groups during pull outs. She is integral  in professional development on our campus. She leads our weekly math collaboration meeting and assist in strategic planning. 

Porche Brewer
  • "I believe all students can achieve excellence. I have lived in Fort Worth all of my life. I attended Maudrie M. Walton ES, Morningside ES and Morningside MS. FWISD paved the way for me to become the educator I am today! I believe in giving back to the institutions and organizations that poured into me. I became an educator to help create experiences, opportunities, and imaginations for our students.  I am excited to work where I attended school,  Morningside Middle School!  I am a Viking through and through, I AM FWISD. "

Rebecca Jones