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DiG iN Spotlight

  • The Fort Worth ISD is presenting a new 1:1 digital initiative, DiG iN. 1:1 stands for “one to one” - one device for every student. Once DiG iN is fully implemented across the District all students will be equipped with access to information and the best learning tools modern technology has to offer. This initiative goes well beyond simply handing devices to students – it’s about preparing Fort Worth ISD students to succeed in the 21st century, compete globally and be responsible, informed digital citizens.

    DiG iN is structured around the conviction that there should be equity in digital access. It is the responsibility of the Fort Worth ISD to ensure the competency of its students in this ever evolving, increasingly relevant medium. It is imperative for the success of FWISD, Fort Worth and beyond that, we educate our students to become digitally literate, critical thinkers and problem solvers, able to engage the world around them through clear, effective communication.

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