2017 Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC)

2017 CIP_COC Members


  • On February 27, 2018, the Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education (BOE) approved the establishment of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC). The purpose is to assist the District in maintaining accountability and integrity of the 2017 Capital Improvement Program that was approved by voters on November 7, 2017. 

    The COC members are recommended by the Board of Education members, with expertise in areas such as construction, financial management, land development, public agencies coordination, or parent leadership. This version of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee - Guiding Principles has been revised accordingly and constitutes its final version.

    The COC will be responsible for providing reports to the BOE with its recommendations regarding such issues as program management, compliance with policies and procedures, use of historically underutilized businesses, environmental stewardship and stakeholder satisfaction. 

    Members of the COC will serve a two-year term, with members being eligible by appointment by the discretion of the BOE. The COC Chairperson and Vice-Chair will be elected by the members at the first meeting.

    The District appreciates the dedication, commitment and service of the COC members.


2017 COC Members

  • 2017 COC Members


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