• Texas Education Agency's Compulory Attendance Law



    Section 25.092[39] contains the provision of law commonly referred to as “the 90 percent rule,” which applies to a student in any grade level from kindergarten through grade 12.  Section 25.092 conditions credit or a final grade for a class on a student’s attendance for at least 90 percent of the days a class is offered.

  • How to excuse an absence:

    1. Send a written parent note to the attendance office within 7 days of the absence.  Each student is allowed 6 absences excused by a parent note per semester.
    2. Send a doctor's note on office letterhead to the attendance office within 7 days of the absence.

    *Remember: Even excused absences affect a student's ability to gain credit in class. 


    Early Dismissals:

    1. Parent provides a written note with a valid contact number and sends the note with the student to school.
    2. The attendance staff will confirm the early dismissal and write a dismissal slip for the student.  
    3. The student will pick up the dismissal slip during any passing period before the early dismissal time. 
    4. The student must provide written documentation (parent note or doctor's note) in order for the absence to be excused.
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