Varsity Band (7th and 8th Grade)

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    Students who have at least one year of experience in band qualify to join the Varsity Band.  Now that students know the basics of playing their instrument, they enjoy advancing their skill sets and have more performance and contest opportunities.  The Varsity Band has a Band Council that fosters leadership within our program.  Varsity Band members enjoy two seasonal concerts each semester.  During the fall semester, students are able to enter the honor band audition process at the district and region level.  We also try to include a community performance--this year, we went to perform at Hulen Mall.  As a band, we become acquainted with our high school marching band programs and enjoy going to a couple of football games.  During the spring semester, the Varsity Band participates in two solo and ensemble contests.  As an ensemble, we prepare to go to UIL contest, and we enjoy several enriching field trips together.  

    Varsity Band is a performance based course for 7th and 8th graders, with beginning band being the prerequisite course to acquaint students with their primary instrument. Varsity Band focuses on students learning how to perform in an ensemble setting, and on mastering the skills their instrument requires. Varsity Band is a "no pass, no play course." 

    Practice is an expectation, and sectionals occur once per week after school. Performances include a free summer band camp, performing with high school marching band programs, formal band concerts UIL Concert and Sight Reading, Solo and Ensemble Contests, community events and more!

    Students develop leadership skill sets through "Band Buddies." This is a new peer-mentoring program in place that occurs once per week after school.