Facilities Planning & Geographic Information System (GIS) Analysis



    Priorities for Scheduling the Use of School Facillities:

    1.  The regularly scheduled educational program, including instructional activities; meetings, practices, and performances of school-sponsored groups; and staff meetings related to official school business.

    2.  Meetings and other activities of school-support groups organized for the sole purpose of supporting the schools or school-sponsored activities.

    3.  Meetings and other activities of groups made up primarily of school-aged children. 

    4.  Meetings of employee organizations.

    5.  Meetings of governmental agencies.

    6.  Meetings of neighborhood associations.

    7.  Meetings and other activities of not-for-profit organizations on a first-come, first-served basis.

    The event must not interfere with regular school activities or with other events during non-school hours associated with the regular school program.

    Please Note:

    The rental of athletic fields or gyms at a middle or high school campus is processed directly at each campus.

    The rental of fields and playgrounds at an elementary school campus is processed directly at each campus.

    Please use the form that applies to your request and submit as directed on the form.

    Please contact Candice Coulson for facility availability, price, scheduling or any questions at 817-814-2064 or email her at candice.coulson2@fwisd.org