• School Parent Involvement Policy


    Statement of Purpose
    The purpose of Arlington Heights High School’s parent involvement policy is to create a positive learning environment that is supportive and collaborative for all students, parents, and the community. Therefore, parental involvement activities are scheduled throughout the school year to foster this collaboration. Many of these activities will focus on the improvement of student achievement socially and academically. As a result, learning strategies will be shared with parents in order to improve student achievement and address the needs of all students. 

    Developing the Policy
    The Parent Involvement Policy is developed and reviewed annually by a group of parents. This group will meet a minimum twice per academic school year to plan, implement, and review the policy. Meetings will be conducted on the school campus at a convenient time for parents.

    Annual Meeting
    In order to ensure parent participation during the annual meeting, this meeting will be conducted as a part of the school’s Open House at the beginning of the year. During this meeting, school test data, parental involvement activities, school curriculum and school procedures will be shared. In addition, parents will be given an opportunity to make suggestions regarding improving parent participation in parental activities. Opportunities for electronic and/or paper meetings will also be made available.

    School-Parent Compact
    A School-Parent Compact for each student will be issued during or before the Open House. Parents may visit their child’s classroom, where the teachers will explain the compact to the parents and request the parents’ and students’ signatures during this meeting. A record of all acknowledgements of receipt of the compacts will be maintained in the Family Communications office during the school year. It will also be available to parents on the campus website.

    Programs and the School Community
    At various points throughout the year and during each parental involvement activity, surveys will be issued to the parents to determine the overall effectiveness of that particular activity. Parents will also be given an opportunity to place their suggestions in writing. Those submission can be sent via email to karen.cox@fwisd.org The analysis of these surveys and written suggestions will assist the parent committee in planning future activities. 

    Staff-Parent Communication
    Parental communication will be documented via parental communication logs. Parents will be consistently notified regarding their child’s progress at school. Students who display a lack of academic progress or behavior concerns will be notified more frequently. Information regarding special scheduled conferences or events will be delivered by Parent Link, email, social media and/or flyers. In addition, teachers will return parent phone calls or process parent information requests in a timely manner.

    The Parent Involvement Program will be evaluated by a group of parents and school staff at one of the two required meetings.

    The Parental Involvement Budget and Family Communications Budget will be used to purchase supplies and materials to implement this program. In addition, the Title I instructional supplies budget will be used to purchase materials and supplies to implement learning instructional strategies or activities for the parent program.

  • Parent-Student-Teacher Compact


    The entire school staff will share the responsibility for improved student achievement; therefore, we will do the following:

    • Hold parent/teacher conferences.
    • Send frequent reports to parents on their child’s progress.
    • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and observe classroom activities.
    • Provide an environment conducive to learning.
    • Respect the student, their parents and the diverse culture of the school.


    I want my child to reach his/her full academic potential, therefore I will do the following to support my child’s learning:

    • Have ongoing communication with my child’s school; including parent-teacher conferences and by subscribing/following the various means of communications including but not limited to: Text messages via Remind, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails via Constant Contact, the FWISD app and the Arlington Heights HS Website.
    • See that my child attends school regularly and is punctual.
    • Supports the school staff and respects cultural differences of others.
    • Establishes a time and place for homework and checks it regularly.
    • Monitor television and movie viewing.
    • Will help to make positive use of extracurricular time.


    It is important that I do the best that I can; therefore I will do the following:

    • Come to school each day on time with my homework completed and have the supplies that I need.
    • Always try to work to the best of my ability.
    • Believe that I can learn and I will learn.
    • Conform to the rules of conduct at my school.
    • Show respect for my school, myself, other students, and have consideration for cultural differences.