On Monday, Oct.  15th a District Wide FAFSA/TASFA Kickoff Event will happen at each FWISD High School.  This initiative is headed by Superintendent Scribner.  Below you will find details about the initiative and the video message from Dr.  Scribner.  
    Fort Worth ISD was awarded the FAFSA Completion grant for the 2018-2019 school year.  The goals of this grant are to:
    • increase the number of FAFSA completions by at least 5% in 2019,
    • conduct a citywide campaign for collective impact with education partners,
    • measure, track, and share FAFSA completion rates, and
    • engage more students and families earlier in the financial aid and FAFSA process.
    Many students and parents are unfamiliar or intimidated by the FAFSA.  Others may assume they will not qualify for financial aid.  For these reasons, it’s important to promote FAFSA completion events in our schools and community.
    To begin the campaign, a districtwide FAFSA Kickoff event will be held on Monday, October 15, 2018, at each high school campus. 


    Valerie E.  Cail, CSC
    12th Grade Counselor
    Lead Counselor
    North Side High School
Pep Rally
Pep Rally
Pep Rally
  • Education: Go Get It Week!  9/10/18 to 9/14/18


    Door Decorating Contest - Decorate your door by Monday, Sept 17th by noon.  Judges will go around after school.  

    College Spirit Attire Contest - Staff members show your outrageous school spirit on Sept 13th!  Peers will vote for who was the best.

    Go Center Open House - An Open House on Sept. 14th, will be held for teachers and staff to learn about the things our Go Center does for the students.  



    MondayCollege Spotlight - Teachers will share facts about their personal experience with college.  Such as which college/university you attended and the thoughts on why you chose that school, your major, campus life, self-discipline and campus life. Consider sharing photos, transcripts, etc. 

    TuesdayCollege Planning Timeline - Discuss the grade level appropriate timeline for college bound expectations.  Talk about setting goals and how to stay on track for college and other post-secondary options.

    WednesdayXello - A district purchased Career Matchmaker Inventory to explore College and Careers.  The appropriate software is on the laptops. Each student should complete the inventory.

    ThursdayCollege Mascot Activity Quiz - Find the mascots for each Texas University.  This can be done individually or as a class. 

    FridayReality Check - from Texas Workforce Solutions comes a game to help students figure out how much money they will need to live a certain lifestle.  This can be done individually or as a class. 



    Skip the long lines and pre-register for College Night 2018. Below are the general steps to get started.


    • Select STUDENTS
    • Select TEXAS
    • Select TACRA (9/17/2018 – 9/21/2018)
    • Select REGISTER NOW 

    >> Click here for a complete list of steps.

  • College Colors Day
    Teachers and staff at Fort Worth ISD schools are being encouraged  to dress in their  college  colors on Friday, September 1, 2017 as a way to further encourage students to consider  the  goal of a college education.
    College Colors Map
    Schools may be creative. While some may have everyone dressing in gear from his or her

    favorite institution, others may have a locker decorating contest or classroom door decorating contest. Still other campuses may play the fight song of nearby or popular universities or bring in a speaker to promote the benefits of higher education.

    "I know that many of our counselors are doing great and exciting things with their students, parents and staff to celebrate College Colors Day," said Dr. Anita Perry, director of Academic Advisement. "It is important for us to continue to foster the culture that expects students to become life-long learners."


    You can find more information here: