Guidelines for Public Comment

    1. Following the posting of the Board meeting agenda, anyone desiring to make a public comment may sign-up by calling 817-814-1920 by 4:00 PM the day of the meeting and may sign-up at the meeting until 5:20 PM. Individuals desiring to make a public comment by written statement may email by 12:00 PM the day of the meeting. Written statements will be shared with the Board of Trustees prior to the meeting and will not be read aloud during the Board meeting.
    2. Participants must specify the agenda item(s) or topic(s) of their comment(s).
    3. No presentation shall exceed three minutes, unless the speaker receives prior approval for additional time because of the use of a translator.  When necessary for effective meeting management or to accommodate large numbers of individuals wishing to address the Board, the presiding officer may make adjustments to public comment procedures.
    4. Participants who require the assistance of a translator are permitted double the allotted time of participants who do not require the assistance of a translator.
    5. Participants may not relinquish their time to another speaker.
    6. For complete guidelines on Pubic Comment and/or participation, see Board Policy BED (LOCAL)