Mr. Bivens

Mr. Donnell Bivens Ms. E.d

  • Currently working as a College & Career Readiness Specialist. Previously, Mr. Bivens has worked in the college setting for over 15 yrs. Mr. Bivens has also worked on 4 different college campuses - public and private colleges.

    He has worked in the areas of Academic Advisement, Career Counseling, Foster Care Initiatives, Academic probation, Academic Warning & Suspension and Male leadership programs.

    M. Bivens specialized in college and career planning for prospective students, and currently middle-school students, with the objective of getting them to dream and plan for their futures early.

    Mr. Bivens attended Iowa State University as an Undergrad and student-athlete. Participated in NCAA collegiate sports as a basketball player, and semi-professional basketball.




    "In case you don't know, a ghetto-born seed can still grow, despite the odds..." - Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971 - 1996)

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