Scout Day


    In the month of April Jo Kelly School has Scout Day. Mr. Herschell, with the help of some of the people from Arlington Heights United Methodist Church and Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center transform our building into an activity based Scout Extravaganza!

     The activities are age appropriate, hand over hand activities that fall right in with the goals many of our students have. Thank You Herschell for this fun and educational activity for our students.  


    Thank You

    Mr. Fortner!


    Mr. Herschell Fortner has been leading our Scouts on Scout Day in Fort Worth for the last 25 years. He is sensitive to the needs of the students here at Jo Kelly and continues to adapt activities to best suit their needs.

    He is a Scoutmaster in Troop 12.

    Mr. Fortner is a retired school teacher who raises and shows roses! 

    The staff, students and families here at Jo Kelly School are grateful for all of your many years of service to our students and the communtiy at large! 


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     The Jo Kelly Staff and Families wish to thank
    all of the wonderful people of Arlington Heights United Methodist Church and the students of Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center
    for all of thier continued support throughout our school year! 


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    A GREAT BIG Thank You once again to our guest volunteers from

     Alice Carlson Applies Learning Center! 

    Students from Conflict Managers and The News Crew represented their school for the second time this school year.

    The staff and students here were very happy to see these students back volunteering with our very own Jo Kelly Stars!


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Last Modified on June 14, 2020